Like a Stephen King novel: The Fog

After a 4+ hour delay due to fog, I finally arrived in Delhi yesterday. But when they said “fog,” I had no idea…

Fog made me think of that early morning fogginess that burns itself off as the sun rises. Nope. This is a whole ‘nother situation. This is days of persistent, unrelenting fog that never disappears but merely becomes less dense with the sun. When my flight finally landed, I was taken aback to see fog INSIDE the airport terminal buildings….. It’s like pea soup at night. All day it’s been foggy, despite a glow from the sun.

They say this is the moisture from the end of cyclone season arriving with air currents. Apparently it will just sit here until a good strong wind displaces it. No winds are predicted now. This could last several more days…. Hopefully impacts to my return flight will be minimal (dare to dream).

I’m not exaggerating — see this news report

PS This is legit fog, not to be confused with smog or smoke from burning rubbish.

Updated with photos from my hotel room that visit, showing varying degrees of fog





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