Hopefully, this will soon be my apartment. The “first floor” (or second floor to my American readers), with both balconies.  It’s in the center of things, on “MG Road” (aka Mahatma Gandhi Road — sort of an India equivalent of Main Street, every city/town seems to have an MG Road).   I visited it the last week of March (twice) and it feels like we have been negotiating the lease ever since.  We’ve reached agreement on the rent, so I’m not sure what’s taking so long…

Newport, RI 2012 543


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3 responses to “Apartment

  1. Michelle Angelos

    Wishing you a very safe and successful journey! I’ll be keeping tabs on you! When do you leave?

  2. Looking forward to reading about your adventures! Have you seen Angela’s Bangalore? Looks like she has some good recommendations for places to eat etc. http://angelasbangalore.com/

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