Lalbagh Botanical Garden Nursery

I visited the nursery here at the Lalbagh Gardens — and some others nearby — to get of sense of what plants are available to put on my balconies. I mean, this IS the Garden City after all!

I stopped short of purchasing today, because I want to measure the balconies first. I know I could easily go overboard with all these tropical plants!
But there are some plumeria and camellias for which I’ll be coming back….







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2 responses to “Lalbagh Botanical Garden Nursery

  1. Anne


    Just taking the time today to catch up on all of your adventures! I love the flower pictures… I understand the need for measurement, as I also would be inclined to purchase too many plants for my space!

  2. Des-

    Just catching up on the blog posts today. Love the flower pictures! I can understand needing to measure first! I know that I would purchase way too many plants!


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