Sleeping beauty

A local said to me today, “In India, you must have patience or you will become a patient.” Sounds like something embroidered on a silly pillow — but yet, he has a point.

Speaking of pillows, I learned today that mattresses are another thing super sized in the U.S. My notes from my house hunting visit indicated that the beds were queen-size (US 60″ x 80″). However, we didn’t actually measure because they were –ahem– OBVIOUSLY not king-size (US 76″ x 80″).

I read all about how hard it is to fine fitted sheets here, so I was on the look-out for bedding sales in the US before my move and I got a few sets of quality queen sheets at a bargain. Alas, I learned today that the standard king mattress in India (and in several other countries) is a slimmer 72″ x 78″. Bigger (wider) than a US queen and smaller than a US king. I have no idea how I managed to get the fitted sheets on my radar while entirely missing the part about the actual mattress sizes. Wouldn’t you think that the issues were linked? But I only have myself to blame for not measuring and presuming that mattresses sizes were universal.

In any event, it appears I purchased the wrong size bed linens. I’ll still try to see if they’ll fit, but a 10″ difference in a fitted sheet is doubtful. Anyone in India seeking brand new US queen sheet sets?

The good news is that you can buy a mattress and get it delivered the same day. That’s just about the fastest turn around time on anything I’ve come across so far! After purchasing the proper sized sheets tomorrow, I should be ready to move in by Sunday at the latest (fingers crossed).

Here’s my mattress – not much to look at, but one step closer to moving in and that is a thing of beauty!



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2 responses to “Sleeping beauty

  1. Kristine

    One step closer!

  2. Maria Valentin

    Keep going, Des!!

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