Quid Pro Quo

Wow, THIS is cultural exchange: I brought in home made chocolate chip cookies for my assistant and she brought me home made egg Biryani for lunch. Yum.  She says it’s her version of Southern Indian Biryani (I’m learning that there are lots of styles of Biryani).  The spices are just perfect and it’s so moist & delicious.  I’m glad I did yoga and swam laps this morning, because I cannot seem to stop eating this tasty lunch…

Speaking of lots of styles: do you know how many types of rice there are? I mean, I knew about some, but it’s not as if every house in the US stores a wide variety of rice (at least not those I visit!).  Apparently, your basic pantry in India requires at least least 4 rices: dosa rice (long & big), idli rice (round & small, like Spanish bomba rice), plain and basmati.  I honestly expect that it’s just a matter of time before my maid/cook requests yet another style of rice.   Oh, and the flours! It’s not just white and unbleached — there is a whole range of flours, too.  Depending on what you’re cooking you may need a very specific combination of rice and flour (some of it soaked in advance, others dry). I have a lot to learn about Indian cuisine….


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5 responses to “Quid Pro Quo

  1. Jillian


    Keep doing yoga, swimming laps and enjoying that cuisine…..one of my favorites. Interesting stuff about the different kinds of rice and flour actually stored in the pantry.

    • I know people with gluten intolerances that use different flours, but I don’t think that’s the “norm” in the US. Aside from “foodies”, I believe most US households merely stock “all purpose flour.” Here, there is bleached wheat flour, whole wheat flour (ground somewhat differently that what I get at home), gram flour, rice flour, corn flour, etc etc. Different dishes require different flours. Frankly, it’s hard to keep up!

  2. Welcome to life outside the USA 😉

  3. Des – You are so lucky (I know it is self made, however)! I can’t wait to come for a visit…

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