A Rose by any other name… on another continent

In Spring 2012, I planted 2 climbing roses at home. Ginger Syllabub, an heirloom climbing rose known for continual blooming and an “exquisite perfume.”  They arrived as 8-inch high sticks with a couple of leaves and small root ball.  Frankly, they weren’t very impressive. Sticks really. The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree was more robust.  The first summer they grew some more leaves and doubled in height, but they didn’t do much more.  Of course, this summer (and we’re only 1/2 through!), they’ve shot up 6-feet+ and started blooming. N sent me photos (attached). They look better than I could hope and I’m so pleased. I just wish I could smell them!  A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but it doesn’t smell at all from this distance…


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  1. Sharon Lea

    A couple of Mr. Lincoln rose bushes would be beautiful companions for those bushes as it is a deep burgundy a smells divine as well. One stem is fragrant enough for my entire kitchen area if I put a a vase anywhere around the breakfast room. Quite a green thumb you have there missy! They look beautiful, so sorry we don’t have smell-a-phone!!!

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