Giant Banyan Tree

On my first road trip out of Bangalore, we stopped by the Big Banyan Tree. Well, its proper name is the “The Famous Big Banyan Tree at Kethohalli of Bangalore South Taluk.” (Big name for a big tree…)  Reportedly, the 4th biggest in the world, it covers appx. 5 acres.  It is 400 years old with a height of 95 ft.

IMG_2358 IMG_2352 IMG_2349 IMG_2337

Did you see me? I’m hiding “Where’s Waldo” style in a photo above… Go back and look; I’ll tell you where I am at the bottom of this post.


And, it’s where I spotted my first Monkey in Bangalore. (Tourist are warned not to try to picnic there — the monkeys are expecting food!)

Where am I? In the second photo, dead center, in white shirt. Yep, that’s how big the Big Banyan is!


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2 responses to “Giant Banyan Tree

  1. Kris G

    There are a few in Venice FL but not nearly that large. I have heard that they cannot be planted in FL any more. Don’t know if it is true but theyare awesome to look at. KG

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