MTR, Bangalore’s Oldest Resturant

Everyone loves MTR. It’s an institution: the oldest restaurant in the city, it has been around since 1924. From the highest executives at my company to my driver, everyone tells you to go to MTR for real, authentic South Indian/Bangalorean food. Of course, few could tell me what MTR actually stands for (“Mavalli Tiffin Rooms”). It is so popular that there are now several branches, but the original is the most beloved. It takes no reservations and there is always a wait. Reminds me of Galatoire’s in New Orleans.

Well, up until you see the barefoot waiters…


But I have to agree with everyone: the food is amazing. The flavours are yum and you get to taste every dish, as it’s served thali style. (You get a large, divided plater and the waiters walk around serving each course to the entire room, one diner after the next.)


If you want more, they’ll give you seconds. But that is hard to imagine, there is more food than anyone could possibly eat. This was the menu the we visited (all veg):


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