Floating petals

Shallow brass bowls with flowers and/or petals can often be found in India –in restaurants, hotels, boutiques, spas, corners of stairwells, homes, etc. Larger bowls (some are big enough to be kiddie pools!) are often placed on the floor or in courtyards/gardens, medium ones are found on pillars or table tops and small ones can be found anywhere — on stairs, next to bathroom sinks, on bedside tables, etc. They add a lovely pop of color and, depending on the flowers used, the presentation can be quite fragrant.

I am on a quest for the perfect medium size bowl – something with a nice patina, nothing too shiny/new to distract from the flowers. I found the perfect one on our June road-trip to the hill station of Coonoor — but I didn’t buy it for fear it was over priced (apparently, it wasn’t). I found another nice one in Pondicherry – for more money than the Pondy one and I’d have to squeeze it into my airline luggage, so I passed. I have seen a couple in Bangalore, but none with a nice finish/patina. LESSON: when you stumble across the “perfect” thing, get it! You never know when/where you’ll find it again!


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