Shrimp Etoufee

A taste of home for Sunday dinner: shrimp etoufee. I was able to find everything needed, although the celery was quite a challenge. Celery does not seem to be a common ingredient in India; I’ve only found it at a few stores (and it is comparatively more expensive than you’d expect). In fact, the etoufee was supposed to be Saturday night dinner, but we had a minor celery setback…

I bought celery and I started chopping it, but I had to step away to deal with something. In the meantime, my maid/cook — in a misguided attempt to be helpful — threw out the “sticks”, as she called the stalks. But she did set aside the leaves in a bowl. Sigh. I had to wait until I could get back to the fancy grocery to pick up more celery, because I was not about to make Cajun food missing 1/3 of the Trinity! It was worth the wait 😉

PS My new Indian cookbook explains that the Indian Trinity is garlic, ginger & onion.


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  1. Sharon Lea

    Too bad we can’t smell from there to here because it looks delicious! I know you have the genes for cooking Cajun food and heaven knows you read well enough to figure out a recipe in any cookbook but that would come from your mother as well, it will taste divine😍. It looks like you have enough to feed an army so hopefully you were having company or freezing some for when Nicholas comes to India.
    Mack is home and feeling better every day.
    Love to you,
    Aunt Sharon

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