Tea drinkers: stock up on Darjeeljng!

The news is reporting delayed shipments of Darjeeling tea, which could cause shortages in the West from Sept until late Nov/early Dec. It should be easy to get now, but stock up in case there are a few lean months ahead!

This delay is due to strikes/”agitation” during the peak of the second tea harvest season (when 40% of the Darjeeling is harvested each year) by the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha. The GJM is a political party that advocates for statehood for Gorkhas. Since the decision to create the Telangana state by carving up Andhra Pradesh back in July, the GJM have been more forceful in their… civil disobedience. They want statehood for “Gorkhaland” — Darjeeling, Siliguri Terai and Dooars — just like Telangana.

The Indian tea exporters fear that the Napalese will use this delay and potential shortage to steal market share…. So if you a fan of the Darjeeling, stock up and stay true!

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