Cyclone (not the roller coaster!)

I do not recall having ever been in a cyclone before… But a “very severe” cyclone is due to hit the east coast of India this weekend, in the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh, with heavy rains and 115 mph winds. Emergency planning there is being hampered by the fact that 600,000 government employees are striking in protest of the bifurcation of the state & formation of Telangana state; 30,000 electricity employees joined the strike this week.

Basically, a cyclone is the same weather as a hurricane or typhoon, the basic difference being where it is formed. That weather in the South Pacific is deemed a cyclone. Sadly, NOAA is shut down – ahem, US Congress!?!– so don’t look there for info…..

Since I live in just about the middle of the county, I think we’ll just see rain & power outages. It’s like living in Orlando when a hurricane hits Miami. We have generators and clean water on hand as part of our regular routine here, so BAU.

Update from on 11th: Just got this from the US Consulate, “The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) is reporting that cyclonic storm Phailin is developing over the east central Bay of Bengal. The system should intensify into a severe cyclonic storm during the evening of October 10, 2013. It should continue to move northwestwards and cross the northern Andhra Pradesh and Odisha coast between Kalingapatnam and Paradip by evening on October 12, 2013, and become a very severe cyclonic storm with a maximum sustained wind speed of 175-185 kmph. Under the influence of this system, rainfall will occur in many places with heavy to very heavy falls at a few places throughout the region. [….] U.S. citizens are urged to identify shelter in case of severe conditions, monitor media reports, and follow all official instructions. Please be alert to flooding and downed electrical wires, and secure loose objects around residences when possible. U.S. citizens should carry their travel documents at all times (i.e. U.S. Passport, Birth Certificate, picture IDs, etc.) or secure them in safe, waterproof locations. We also suggest that U.S. citizens contact friends and family in the United States with updates about their whereabouts.” You’re hereby updated that I’m in Bangalore.


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6 responses to “Cyclone (not the roller coaster!)

  1. Kris

    For a minute I thought you were speaking of the US government…….just sayin’. Hope you are safe. Keep us posted.

  2. John Giler

    Dez, don’t forget to fill the car’s gas tank and maybe get a gas can filled as well. As you indicated, having the training in Tampa prepares you for what may happen. Still good luck to you and your friends.
    Love, Dad and Gail

  3. Sharon Lea

    Be sure you have enough food and clean water because this thing looks really ugly☔️There’s no symbol for it bad enough😢.

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  4. Sharon Lea

    Be really careful and prepared. Love you lots😘 Aunt Sharon

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    • It is lovely & sunny here — not a drop of rain. Live news reports from the coast last night made it appear as bad as was predicted. Don’t worry about me here in B’lore, but please keep the 800,000 coastal residents living in harms way in your thoughts… Yesterday morning’s paper reported that they evacuated 100,000 people — all those who lived in “thatched, asbestos or tin-roofed housed in 15 km radius from the coast”– and we’re hoping to evac another 100,000 before nightfall. For all the bad that came from Katrina, the lessons learned are being applied here with respect to local evac & disaster planning.

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