Working Weekend

If you have to work over the weekend*, this isn’t such a bad place to be….

Although it sucks that I’ve been here since Wednesday and still haven’t gone swimming….
*I’m in Dubai where weekends are Friday-Saturdays.


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2 responses to “Working Weekend

  1. Sharon Lea

    The view looks wonderful but I would be afraid I’d fall asleep in the breeze!
    We’re getting ready for the LSU/AL game party at our house Saturday night. Anything can happen when you’re a member of the most competitive division of the SEC🏉.
    We lost to Ole Miss and AL can lose to LSU🐅. There are about 15 – 20 people coming and we’re having Subway sandwiches, chips/dips, salads and desserts. There’s usually no shortage if food. After all, this is the South❤️.
    Love you,
    Aunt Sharon

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