Gone Fishing… Again

Walking along the beach in Sri Lanka this evening, I came across about 40 men pulling a fishing net from the beach. It was like watching tug of war with the sea. They invited me to help. It was sort of like rowing: everyone had to pull together. They sing songs to keep time. The catch was mostly small silver sardines and some larger sunfish. It seemed like a rather small haul to share among 40 people, but I imagine many are from the same house hold. Coiling up the ropes & nets took almost as much time (and care) as pulling in the net. They are stored in tidy piles with thatched covers. Here are some photos: 20131231-182703.jpg20131231-182714.jpg20131231-182734.jpg20131231-182748.jpg20131231-182805.jpg20131231-182905.jpg20131231-182919.jpg20131231-182934.jpg
This is quite different from my last Sri Lankan fishing expedition ;)

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