Theories of relativity

Lately, I have been noticing some wacky comparisons. One local institute of higher learning uses this on its website, email footers, etc:
We have been ranked #1 after [another institute of higher learning]
Um, okay. So you’re #2….

A billboard near the airport reads:
“The next best city!”
Does that mean it is #2?
Or is it a prediction that the city will be the best in the near future?

Lastly, yesterday an American representative of my US Consulate said this:
Bangalore has 1 reported sexual assault for every 10 in Delhi.” (To be fair, the rep immediately said that even 1 was too many.) Note that I feel as safe here as I do in NYC, DC, New Orleans (okay, query my own frame of reference!) — but despite the rep’s good intentions, that comparison isn’t helpful or comforting.

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