Not So Super Bowl

I’m not a crazed fan, but I enjoy a good Super Bowl party as much as the next person. I know most of the rules of the game (having been raised by a couple of rabid LSU Tiger & Pittsburg Steelers fans). I’m even in a friendly Super Bowl pool back in New York. But how does one celebrate properly when the kick off time is 5am Monday morning?!?

Well, guess I didn’t need all those guacamole, chips and beer calories any way….. And I am sure I’ll be able to find all the best commercials on-line. The Budweiser horse-adopted pup commercial has been “liked” and/or “shared” by all my Facebook friends already and what could possibly top that, right?

The worst part: I don’t think they air the Puppy Bowl here. Oh, the humanity!!!!

Puppy bowl play-offs from Nov 2013 (“Sassafras goes for the tackle and… Ouzo fumbles! It’s back to the 10-yard line….”)


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