Election Coverage…

Ok, THIS is hands down the best summary of the Indian Election. Ever. Brought to you by a Brit (sorry, Jon Stewart) making fun of American media .

For the record, to clarify the point made at 6:08, here’s the leopard I spotted in India (not leaping from a roof, but you get the idea…).

I only have one criticism about John Oliver’s otherwise comprehensive coverage (although I do not mean to contradict the findings of “Foxificaiton”). The comment about the “Billion Votes” graphic at 7:28 misses another point of interest: Whilst they may only be 814 million voters, there could still be a billion votes. It’s possible that this isn’t inaccurate…. (See similar allegations during the 2000 & 2012 US presidential elections and relative to the 146% voter turn out for the 2011 Russian parliamentary elections. Just saying!)

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