4th July

It’s A’s last weekend in India. Last year we visited the tea regions of Ooty & Conoor because she loves the cool temps, and lush green country side in the hill stations. This year we are visiting the coffee region of Coorg and staying on a coffee plantation.
20140706-192724-70044798.jpgBefore sunset we took a short hike. A found a snake, which she tried to identify using the guide in our cottage. It was either a common & harmless rat snake, or the rare (during day light hours) & deadly krait. She also found some termites. I found a very fuzzy caterpillar — long dark fur tipped with white. We were looking for elephants & tigers from the near by reserve, but did not have luck on this hike. Maybe tomorrow?

20140706-192542-69942632.jpgOnce it got dark, we celebrated Independence Day by having a campfire with a nice bottle of wine, no marshmallows… (I think the Founding Fathers would have approved. Jefferson, the first American viniculturist, sure would have!). We also fired up some sparklers I’d been hoarding since Diwali.



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