Out of Order Elevator

By the time I got on this elevator to my 2nd floor hotel room in Pune, India, I’d been on airplanes 5 of the prior 6 days (not business class), in 4 cities in 3 countries and 3 time zones. Maybe I wasn’t at my sharpest.

But, seriously: who would think to put the button for the second floor THERE? I stared at that control panel for an embarrassingly long time before I found the 2nd floor button. I did have enough dignity to focus until I found it — because I knew what an idiot I would sound like if I had to ask for assistance.

“Excuse me, but I’ve seemed to have misplaced the second floor….Oh, just below the 8th floor penthouse? Well, of course! Silly me, I though it would be somewhere towards the bottom….”

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