Seems like a glitch in the system…

I don’t know everything about international lease law, but in my observation, landlords expect to be paid in advance for the time you are spending in their premises. If your renting an apartment, say June 1, most landlords want that rent on or about June 1.

The penny just dropped for me: my Company’s housing allowance is paid to me bi-monthly in the month for which it is due. In other, the landlord wants $ June 1, but my company’s allowance for June won’t be fully paying to me (in the US), until the last day of June. i’m sure that once I’m settled I can use those “late” June funds to pay the July rent on time. But I am still vague about how this will work the first month(s), especially since my housing allowance does not start the day of the lease but rather the day I move in (another new fact). And even then, my housing allowance will start a month later. (So I will be luckily to start seeing housing allowance payments in mid June for the apart I hope to move into next week. I’d be happy to move in ASAP but electricity, water, mattresses seem like threshold matters that need to be addressed before that can happen.

I’m sure it will all work out. Somehow. The new HR relocation person has suggested some paperwork that would provide me 1 and 2 month rent upfront, but I must promise them my first born as collateral that I’ll pay back the company…whatever.

Oh, no sign of the lease yet today.

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