Air Crate Packing

Two guys packed up everything* for the air crates. They were nice and friendly despite walking into some drama…

Their company belatedly told me no liquid household cleaners (goodbye stockpile of Mrs Meyers I’d already brought!), so I replaced what I could with cleaning wipes and powders as suggested by the company. The poor packer guys then informed me I could not take those either! I pointed out the issue (calmly) and just started making calls up the chain of command until I got the answer I wanted. Seriously I was not about to buy 2 years of organic household cleaners – twice!- for nothing!

*”Everything” does not include non-perishable foods. So the stuff I’d hope to bring over easily in my air crate (which is partially empty), now has to go as excess baggage with me on the plane (while the air crate sits with empty space). The logic of this still baffles me. I tried to appeal but lost to the Fates of Process.



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