Laughing… Because what’s the alternative?

Today’s lease update from the realtor, “The lease has been printed and sent to the landlord for signatures.”


I thought that happened days ago. When they told me I’d have a fully executed lease “tomorrow” (which I’ve heard for over a week), I presumed that meant that the landlord had something in his possession to actually execute. I mean, how else can one sign a lease unless they actually HAVE it to sign? I thought by asking for a SIGNED lease I was being specific enough…

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One response to “Laughing… Because what’s the alternative?

  1. Sharon Lea

    Just think, you could be dealing with an interpreter! You get to speak English to converse and explain your wants and needs, Over And Over again…🙀
    It will get better I’m sure once you are there😍
    Love the blog✈
    Aunt Sharon

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