Mother’s Day

As I wait to board the plane and start my assignment this Mother’s Day, I think of my grandmother (who was an expat in India) and my mother (who was an expat in Iran — moving with the family when I was 3yo and my sister was just weeks old). They embraced their expat experiences and tried to appreciate the local cultures. I hope to make them proud.
Happy Mother’s to all my friends who are moms!!


Grandma Lyons & Mom with friends in Madras (now Chennai) late 1960s/early 1970s.


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3 responses to “Mother’s Day

  1. Love the pic, Des! Can you post or send me a larger version of this pic?

  2. Kristine Glaisek

    You are going to make everyone proud, but especially yourself. What an adventure. I am so proud of you. Hope you are having a good flight.

  3. Sharon Lea

    Having known both your Mom and Grandmother very well, and knowing you, I’m sure you are going to make them proud! Times have changed from those long treks in Iran for items your Mom would want. Transportation is different everywhere so take advantage of everything, have fun, be aware, and be smart about things when alone and especially in a group of ladies.
    Yes, yes, I know you know these things… It’s your Mom talking through me I think…all we Mom think and talk alike when our chicks are away, we don’t care where! Come back whole, smarter and better for the experience, but all together and safe❤
    Aunt Sharon

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