Half way there…

Wow- did I have a lot of luggage! But I got everything checked in. They were super serious about the max weight, so all that packing & repacking paid off! The little luggage scale I bought on a whim was KEY to avoiding drama at check-in!

I made it to Heathrow/London. However, after border control for my connecting flight, I was stopped & required to check my (American size) carry-on roller bag. (Hold the jokes about Americans super-sizing everything; we know, we know…) I do have an “international” size carry-on, but it’s in the air crate (lesson learned). Don’t play when it comes to carry on luggage via Heathrow!

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  1. Maria Valentin

    OMG – yes Heathrow is so strict. Once I was really tired and cranky and I almost had Security take me out. I was with Penelope and Ybe and they had to talk me off the ledge. The lady was telling me that I could only have one thing to carry and I had a small purse and another small bag – she was telling me the policy and at the same time giving me a big bag in which to put both. I was too tired to realize she was actually helping me and instead began to complain about the ridiculous AND inconsistent policy for that airport to have when people are flying through there from other airports, etc. She got annoyed with me and almost called security when Ybe and Penelope basically had to get in my face and tell me that she was helping me. Heathrow — crazeeee!! (I guess I was a little crazeee too!)

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