I’ve checked into my temporary digs in a hotel around the corner from my soon-to-be apartment. I hope to only be here few days, maybe a week, while I get utilities in the apartment, a mattress delivered, etc. It seems nice — they use a lot of local art work and textiles. I’ve attached a photo .

Most of my luggage made the journey… One bag got mismanaged at Heathrow, but I have been assured by the very polite (and seriously overworked) British Airways baggage rep that it will be delivered to the hotel tomorrow. Fingers crossed. That said, when I finally got through all the lost bag paperwork and out into Bangalore, it was a lovely (early) morning – cool, breezy, flowers blooming, everything green and lush. Here’s a photo of the airport.

Today is errand day (bank acct; cell phone; car paperwork with “C”, my driver; etc). It feels very real now that I’m here….




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6 responses to “Arrived!

  1. Anne Mesz

    Excellent Des! So glad you finally made it. I’m sure your bag will arrive – the airlines never screw up… lol. Your hotel room is beautiful but I’m sure you’re looking forward to getting settled into your place – after everything you’ve been through with the lease you should put a gold frame around it and hang it on the wall!


    *Anne Mesz* 201-344-6400 (cell) ** **

    On Mon, May 13, 2013 at 10:30 PM, Dez in India

  2. Sharon Lea

    I agree with Anne, your first piece of artwork should be your lease! Don’t unpack too much at the hotel and maybe your apt will be ready quickly or is it empty everything out looking for that one item and they are sure to call and tell you “all is ready and you can move in now!”
    I’m glad you arrived and with enough energy it seems to be out and about checking out the area again. Hopefully your other luggage piece will arrive as promised✈.🏢
    Bedtime for me, 10:45 Monday night
    Goodnight😘to you,
    Aunt Sharon

    • I am really trying not to unpack any more than necessary for the next few days. Although I confess that my packing was done with weight (and fitting in everything!) in mind more so than intelligent planning towards what I’d really need in the first week. In hindsight I should have had one suitcase dedicated to first week needs. That said I packed my carry-on (which ended up getting checked at Heathrow) with a few days necessities, bracing for the possibility of lost luggage. So I’m trying to work from the carry on without pawing through the other bags too much.

  3. Maria Valentin

    So glad you made it safely. Actually emailed you around 8:30ish tonight my time, in anticipation of your arrival. Good luck with all your errands.

  4. Kristine Glaisek

    Happy to hear you made it safely. Enjoy your new adventure with all of the fantastic amenities… a driver!

  5. jillian

    thrilled to hear that you made it to your destination…..after you’ve completed your errands……have fun.

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