New York minute (not so much)

I keep reminding myself that (1) after 20-ish hours seated on airplanes, I should be grateful to stand in line and (2) things will not happen in a NY minute.

The bank was a bust: in accordance with the urban legend/rumor, I cannot open an account until I have my FRRO registration. (See the earlier post about FRRO.) In fact, the bank wouldn’t even exchange my currency without an account! Although I had to wait in a long line to learn that about the exchange situation (I have since forgiven the customer service rep who told me to stand in that line…). Cashing a US check requires an account, too (as one would suspect). Thus, it was off to the currency traders (why does that feel so black market?).

With help from C (my driver), I have a local cell phone – sort of. I got a phone, but it takes 2 days to activate a SIM (even a prepaid one). Moreover, I cannot get any SIM in my name until I get the infamous FRRO registration. Thus, I am using one of C’s SIM cards in my new phone until I can get one in my name & activated.

Oh, and for those of you who thought the lease drama was over – surprise. The realtor made an appointment for me to countersigned the original copy, but they were over an hour and a half late to the appointment.

The good news is that I have an appointment with FRRO in 8 days. (After that I can attempt to complete everything I tried to get done today.)

Also, as C helpfully pointed out, I did manage to pick up an adaptor. That’s literally the only thing I can completely cross off my to-do list for today!


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8 responses to “New York minute (not so much)

  1. Sharon Lea

    I hope you keep “C” close at hand as he’s been very valuable to you so far! Who knows the amount of information he may impart to you tomorrow on your errands? Can he be your driver everyday? “C” must fit into the expense acct somewhere…
    Aunt Sharon

  2. Wow – welcome to India, or what! V. exciting…

  3. Tammy

    Hi Desiree! Congrats on arriving and navigating the bureuacracy! Being able to cross one thing off your to-do list is quite an accomplishment! Go FRRO… I have to go to the DMV in DC… so I will be thinking of you… Tammy

  4. Kristine Glaisek

    Is there a bar in your hotel? If so, go there right this minute!

  5. Kristine Glaisek

    There is a back hoe and a dump truck in my back yard digging the drainage ditch. Sure hope this works.

  6. Kelly

    Hi Desiree! I am glad that you arrived safe and sound and have “C” available to drive you around and give you tips. I love seeing your pics and hearing about your adventures. Thinking of you from Vermont !

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