Holy Cows

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging this long and not shared some holy cow photos.

These cows found a quiet, shady spot away from most of the traffic; I spotted them on a side street C took to avoid a traffic jam:




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3 responses to “Holy Cows

  1. Sharon Lea

    Do the cows belong to anyone? Who feeds and waters them? Isn’t the owner afraid they will get lost or hit by a car or something without fences? I don’t see any fences… I’m not sure about this for a way of farming.
    We saw many wayward cows after Hurricane Katrina but that was an exceptional condition, beginning on one side of the river and being located on the other side of the river as well as quite a distance downstream.
    The cows just stand around doing whatever they want, right? Our cows would love that, to have the run of the place and go where their curiosity led them.
    Have fun exploring and we’ll seeing photos and reading about what you’ve seen…
    Love you😘😘
    Aunt Sharon

    • I’ve made some inquires and this is what I learned about the cows:

      Most of the cows do have owners (those that can afford it and those that worry about the quality of the milk feed them grass). However, many of the cows wander about the city and eat whatever interests them — in urban areas (versus the more grassy suburbs), that typically means table scraps and food waste which that are discarded on the streets. (Note to self: determine where the milk is from when I grocery shop; I don’t want to drink milk from garbage disposal cows!!!)

      People were surprised when I asked about where cows get water. Rain puddles and “broken plumbing” were the obvious (to others) answers. Apparently cows can smell a leaky facet or water leak from miles away.

      I’m told that these are “homing” cows and will come back to their owners reliably. Conversely, I was also told that if I feed the same cow twice, she’ll keep coming back to me for foodforever. (Perhaps she’ll just visit for food then go home at night?) And I’m told that cows like bananas…. I might have to test that banana thing one day…

      The cows are milked regularly, often right on the street, under the supervision of the owner or the owner’s agent. Apparently, milk theft isn’t an issue (although the thought of random milking thieves seemed to amuse the people I was asking – they’d never considered it).

      Also, sometimes the horns are painted ( blue seems a popular horn color ghiccdiyl jiokuand / or the vows don g

  2. Kristine

    Free fertilizer!

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