Home Sweet Home

The day has arrived: the apartment is finally mine! Well, sort of….

Today the lease starts. I still need mattresses & utilities before I can move in, but I’m getting there. Oh and there were few things that the landlord didn’t quite finish that he still has to do. But I am going to take a moment just to appreciate getting this far today.

Here are a few photos of inside including the living room, a guest room (these are the balcony rooms) and the den.





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4 responses to “Home Sweet Home

  1. Anne

    Finally!!! Congratulations Des! Can’t wait to hear how the mattress saga continues!

  2. jillian


  3. Sharon Lea

    It looks beautiful and a blank canvas just ready for your touch. Can’t wait to see how it all evolves over time. You may need a few more crates to get home… When do you actually begin work days?
    Philip graduates from Darden at UVA this weekend and we are going there for the festivities then there will be the wedding at the end of June in CA. Busy busy here too.
    Love you😘😘,
    Aunt Sharon

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