Plants instead of Drapes

I’m trying to move in Sunday. In the interest if time, I decided to skip the whole drapery decision for the living room and just put plants on the balcony. I figured that the plants would provide privacy and enhance my balcony view which is … um … city (office building, parking lot, another apartment building — the roof has better views over the tree tops). Plus, palm trees and flowering plants are so much less expensive here. And I wanted some green. Here is a photo of the plants at the nursery.

In fact, the guys delivering the plants beat us back to the apartment (I confess, we were the late ones this time). C managed to coordinate getting the delivery to building (if not the apartment) even without us being there. Then C and the security guard moved the plants onto my balcony. By the time we — ok, they — got this done, it was too dark for good photos. But here’s the new view Sunday morning.

One of the plants is a local lime tree. The limes here more akin to key limes back in the states – small, round, and with a slightly more lemony flavor. The tree was recently harvested, but there are some baby limes growing now. We’ll be ready for G&Ts in no time!


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2 responses to “Plants instead of Drapes

  1. Kristine

    What a smart idea. When you look out the window you will see greenery. Love it! Kris

  2. Fruit trees! Awesome! It will be great when you can pick fresh limes!

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