First Night

Tonight is my first night in the new apartment. It’s been an exhausting weekend moving and trying to get things done.  When I look back, I’ve done a lot since I departed a week ago and landed Tuesday.  I managed to move in within a week (which I was seriously doubting would happen at some points).

I made good progress this week, although it feels like I still have a lot to do (e.g., FRRO, drapes, TV installation, TV service hook-up, internet service installation — not to mention work!).  Cheers to the start of week #2!


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2 responses to “First Night

  1. Lae

    good luck! i hope things in India run faster than here in Brasil…

  2. Congrats Des on getting soo much done in week one! I know that it seems like you still have a lot on your list, but you will get it all done! I love reading the updates and seeing the pictures!

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