C was a real rock star today. Mind you, he’s incredibly helpful most days — whether it’s coordinating plant deliveries, taking me to the local Costco/Sams equivalent (the Metro Store), negotiating with mattress vendors or playing body guard at the currency traders, he’s a handy guy to have around.  While I was in meetings at the office today, he worked with a crazy number of service providers and their scheduling departments to get my TV  delivered and installed,  get the  internet up and running, schedule a service visit/demo for the new fridge (we cannot get the ice maker to work — I know, First World Problem) and took delivery of my fire extinguisher (safety first). He almost got the TV service (different from the internet provider)  installed,too, but they called around 6:30PM to reschedule.  C was waiting for the TV service installer while I took an evening business call at home in another room.  When the TV service people canceled, C stepped out and came back with a South Indian Filter Coffee for me before leaving for the night.  All this and coffee delivery, too?  Without even asking??  I don’t know how I got so lucky as to find C, but I am counting my blessings…  (Of course, among all of this, he managed to get me to/from work promptly.)


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4 responses to “Multi-tasking

  1. Sharon Lea

    Is C on retainer or by the hour? Can he come back to the states with you? I realize there would be a learning curve to get over but it seems like a doable hurdle for the mighty C!
    At least a sizable tip is in his future not to mention what a great Christmas bonus!!! If that appropriate there??? Whatever works in C-ville, I’m sure you’ll see he will get it…
    We all wish we had a C to help with everyday chores😍. I’m glad to hear that your apartment is getting put together and your life will be somewhat as you know it to be back in the states.
    Love you lots😘😘
    Aunt Sharon

    • It will be a Diwali bonus for C (this changes depending on whether the Driver is Hindu, Muslim or Christian). When I thank him for all his extraordinary efforts, he just says, “you do not need to thank me, it is my duty.” Seriously, I don’t know how I’ll readjust when I repatriate…

  2. Maria Valentin

    Can’t wait to meet C!! Are there any US treats that he likes? I’ll bring some. So glad you are being so mega-productive!! Awesome!!

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