Construction Site Safety

We drove by a construction site the other day and I noticed a head on a stick — so “Game of Thrones”! C explained that the head I saw was to ward off evil. They are almost always heads painted red. Apparently black will work, too, but it is less commonly used. Now that I know what they are, I’ve been spotting them EVERYWHERE, not just construction sites but stores, homes, etc.




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4 responses to “Construction Site Safety

  1. Sharon Lea

    I’ll have to pass this along to Jerome so he can add these to his construction sites! I’m sure it would create conversation…
    Happy Memorial Day!πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
    Aunt Sharon

  2. Anne Mesz

    Looks like my ex….

    Regards, Anne Mesz

  3. Maria Valentin

    Speaking of Games of Thrones, how is HBO / Showtime reception over there? Dexter’s last season will start in mid-June and I just want to know where to set my expectations. LOL. If I have to wait til my return, I won’t watch it from the beginning. πŸ™‚

    • Lady, I haven’t even got TV signal yet so you’re asking the wrong person! There is an issue with the cable being pulled to a junction box, but the cable provider won’t hook up to a junction box because it degrades their signal (I guess that’s pride in workmanship for you!). Thus, the landlord had to get his electrician to come back (which took the better part of a week) to pull cable all the way to the roof, which SHOULD be happening today whilst I’m at work (C is looking after things at the apartment). It appears that HBO is a service offered here, but I cannot help set exepectations at this point. (Unless the expectation is to have no expectations!)

      I know Netflix doesn’t work here unless you set up a VPN (which you’re more then welcome to set up for me when you visit…)

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