Pub Capitol

B’lore holds a lot of titles: Garden City, India’s Silicon Valley, Sandalwood (southern cousin to Bollywood), etc. And (drum roll) Pub Capitol of India. This appears to be due in part to a few demographic trends: (1) reportedly, workers here have the highest average salaries in the country and (2) >60% of the residents are younger than 25 years old. (Initially, I thought everyone LOOKED young, then I learned that they really ARE young!) Cheers to young (adults) with cash to burn.

When we came to look for housing a few months ago, we hit a couple of microbreweries. We recently visited a new(ish) one nearby, a “branch” of a Michigan brew pub started by a former UM student who move to Bangalore after graduation. Here’s a photo of their sampler of on-premises-brewed beers. All were pretty good.



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2 responses to “Pub Capitol

  1. Dad

    Now the question is, Do these micro’s chill their beer, or do they serve British style at close to room temperature? When it gets hot, the chilled will taste and FEEL real good.

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