IMG_2283I had my first yoga class in the home of yoga! It was terrific — I was the only student, so what was billed as a group class became a private yoga session.

The class was early morning before work (rowing hours, alas). The location was lovely, at a posh hotel in the yoga studio overlooking the pool. The glass doors facing the pool were open and a cool breeze filled the studio.  The studio has a glass ceiling — it’s pretty cool to be able to look out at the water (pool) and up at the trees/sky.  Oh, I mean when my eyes aren’t supposed to be closed.  I didn’t take a photo this morning but I’ll try to add one later this week.

I think the instructor took it easy on me — which is okay, I’m happy to ease into things.  I was encouraged that none of the the poses were entirely new to me, so I guess the yoga instructors I had in the US did a good job. Today’s instructor only corrected one pose (and I seem to recall being corrected in that same pose before… I can’t get it right on any continent! But it’s all about practice.).  No crazy inversions or anything, yet.

I’m trying to make this yoga/gym thing a regular routine. Ommmmmm

Updated 7/16/2013 to include photo.

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  1. Maria Valentin

    I’m SO there. Yeay!!

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