I guess if one is in India long enough, at some point their stomach will rebel. Mine’s revolution started last night. Yuck. I think I am functional (albeit slow moving) today. We’ll see. I took the meds the travel stocked me up on for this very reason and I’m drinking nothing but tea made from purified water.

It was inevitable. And I suppose the sooner my stomach gets the right bacterial ecosystems for the local food, the better — right? (There has to be a sliver lining in this somewhere…)

UPDATE: Fully recovered. I was only out of commission 24 hours.


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7 responses to “Yuck

  1. Sharon Lea

    Slow down a bit and have some crackers and did you bring any chicken soup from home? You could make some and then put a few noodles in the broth a la chicken noodle soup, great for a bad stomach! Bland is what you need for a bit so tea is good.
    No need to eat your way through India in the first week.
    Love to you😘😘
    Aunt Sharon

    • A co-worker fell ill too — we speculate it was our lunch yesterday that’s done us in. (We had different dishes but from the same restaurant.) Even trying to follow all the rules about filtered water, peeled veggies, etc, at the end of the day, one food handler who forgets to wash his hands (or some similar momentary lapse n food prep) could be the culprit. Have had nothing but tea, filtered water and tonic water today — crackers and soup seem like too much right now.

  2. kris

    Feel better soon…. 😦

  3. Anne

    Des.. So sorry to hear that you are unwell at the moment… Feel better soon!!

  4. Maria Valentin

    Yes, girl. “Delhi belly” apparently is not limited to Delhi. What are those meds? I should probably stock up on some also. Even take some. LOL. Feel better, sweetie. Countdown. Less than 30 days now. SO excited.

  5. Sorry to hear about your stomach – hope you heal quickly! Love ya!

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