Festival Time

20131012-182645.jpg It’s a long holiday weekend here in India for festivals. Locally this weekend’s festival is known as Dussehra, and celebrates Goddess Durga’s (aka Chamundeshwari) victory over the demon Mahishasu. I decided to get into the spirit. I hung garland — obtained from City Market this morning (which is akin to saying I went Xmas shopping at Macy’s flagship on Xmas Eve. Total madhouse!). And tried my hand at my very first rangoli — the sand art in lieu of a door mat. It’s not the lovely, symmetrical rangoli I set out to make — clearly this takes years of practice and I am at about preschool level!


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4 responses to “Festival Time

  1. Sharon Lea

    I think it looks beautiful and totally worth the effort for your house to fit into the community. What’s the decor for Halloween???

    • I’m toying with the idea of hosting a Halloween costume party — most of my new friends say they’ve never been to a costume party! I’m just trying to determine if I have the bandwidth throw a party… And what my costume should be! White pumpkin-like gourds grow here and I think I can turn them into jack-o-lanterns… and I can get orange flowers for garland πŸ™‚

  2. Prgsage@aol.com

    For a novice it looks quite nice. Did you use a cake decorator type device to do the sand art? I am impressed. Here you might be able to use acorns!

    • Sort of — I put the sand in a baggie and clipped the corner… but the plastic kept collapsing inward so I did not have a steady stream of sand and ended up using my hands. πŸ™‚

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