Good morning, Sri Lanka!

Today was my first real morning* in Sri Lanka and I took a stroll along the beach in Colombo at Galle Face Green. It reminded me of walks along Bayshore Blvd at university.

It’s pleasantly warm here (85F) and the sea spray from the crashing waves felt great. Lots of people were out and about, walking, power walking, jogging, doing yoga in the park. The coast was free from litter (trash cans are available every where). I only saw one (very healthy & happy looking ) stray dog during the whole hour long walk. Although, I realise that I do miss something from “home” in B’lore: the ubiquitous cows. (That said, I do NOT miss the piles of rubbish upon which they dine.)


Across from the Green is a statute of former Prime minister of Sri lanka, S W R D Bandaranaike. (He was assassinated by a Buddist monk…)


*Since my flight arrived at 530am, technically, I have spent another morning here — but I refuse to acknowledge that insane flight. I am trying to block it from memory. Who thought a 3am departure time for a 90 min international flight was a good idea?!? Only my friend M, who plans her flights to island vacations around prime tanning hours, would appreciate this timing….

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