Sapphire blue seas in twilight…

I had hoped to make it from Colombo down to Galle in time for sunset from my beachside hotel. Alas, twilight was a close as I could get. But I am not complaining — it’s lovely here with the surf crashing, sea breeze and tasteful, chic room.



I haven’t even seen this place in the light and I am loving it. The room as seen from from the patio (where I am enjoying some Ceylon tea from a nearby plantation, having just finished dining on fresh caught grilled fish…. Yum!).


I am already planning my next trip to Sri Lanka. Whale watching, diving, tropical forests, game preserves, ancient temples — oh, and the driver who brought me here told me that I can visit gem mining in the center of the country, too (in the very home of the renowned Ceylon sapphires….). Hum… I never before wanted to tour a mine, but a gem mine, well THAT is something to consider.

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